New Toys by Flexipan

New Toys by Flexipan

Two weeks ago, I attended a home sale of Demarle Flexipan molds, hosted by my friend and fellow food-blogger Pascale. Demarle is the original inventor of those nonstick flexible baking molds, made of silicon and glass fiber. Originally sold to professionals only, they have been available to happy home bakers for a few years : most brands distribute their products in department stores and such, but Demarle chose to sell their molds (and the other cooking/baking tools they make) in Tupperware-style meetings instead.

Pascale was there of course, as were her sister and our friends Alisa and Isabelle, of the Paris Potluck crowd. Pascale and Chantal, the Demarle representative, had prepared quite a few things for us to taste, to illustrate what you could make with the molds. In particular, Pascale had baked chocolate hazelnut madeleines, which she insisted were “ratées” (failed). We couldn’t have disagreed more, and in fact thought they represented such a high risk for the health and sanity of the general public, that we made sure to eat as many as we possibly could. It was tough, but I think we have reason to be proud.

It was my first time attenting such a meeting, and it was a lot of fun. Chantal presented the different products and their possible uses, they were passed from hand to hand, and we made a couple of recipes together (a really tasty spinach and fresh cheese roll, and some gougères, those little cheese puffs). I had a grand time, as I always do when I’m in the same room with other cooking enthusiasts, and Pascale’s bright and sunny kitchen, filled with goodies as it was, was the perfect place to be on that beautiful June day.

The men — Isabelle’s boyfriend Ethan, and Pascale’s husband David and son Noé — had safely left for a long walk along the nearby Marne river. By the time they came back we were all done, and those of us who wanted to order stuff were filling out little order forms. Normally your order is delivered to whomever hosted the meeting, but since Pascale was (lucky her) leaving for her vacation, Chantal kindly offered to deliver mine directly to my apartment, which she did this past Saturday.

And so it is that I am now in possession of brand new sets of those black, shiny, magic tools. I pretty much wanted everything on the catalog — I mean who could resist getting mini-molds for charlottes and brioches, and a really efficient zester, and beautiful knives, and new skillets, and a special zigzag knife to cut melons? — but I had to limit myself slightly of course.

I got a tray of mini-tartlet molds and a tray of hemispherical petit-four molds (both of which I had planned to buy before coming) and also got the jelly roll pan : this allows you to bake batter (sweet or savory) in a large and thin rectangular shape, which you can then fill and roll, or cut in two smaller rectangles to make a rectangular cake stuffed with mousse and/or fruit, such as a fraisier or an opéra. The jelly roll pan also came with a large rectangular metal shape (which you can see on the pic above) to help you put the cake together.

I am proud to say that one of these new toys has been put to good use not but one day after landing on my door step : quite a record, and an excellent omen. As for which one I used and what I made with it, I’ll let you speculate a bit on this, while I write up the post!

  • Alisa

    I originally ordered two “Silpat” sheets, thinking that was only what I really, really needed. By the end of the following day, I had emailed Pascale with three additional items, and that was me being, just practical. I have had my flexipans for about a week now, and have used everything. Jean-Yves (my husband) is continually remarking at how amazing they are, and “what are they made of?” Thanks to you, we now know! Am dreaming of next order…….

    Things made so far; crustless quiche, fabulous cheescake, cookies, accra (sp?)

    I have been loving the past four to five, maybe six, posts. They are wonderful, and you make me laugh. Someday, I would like to just print everything on C&Z, and have it as a book.
    Gros Bisous!

  • Lily

    This is completely off-topic, but I’m the American law student who’s a huge fan of your blog (I sent you that anadama bread recipe a while back). I’m now working in Paris and would love to meet you in person but seem to have lost your email (and can’t access it via the “email” button on the website). If you’re busy cooking up a storm or trying out your new Flexipans, I completely understand. If you are interested, though, let me know, since I’d love to see my favorite city through the eyes of someone who shares my love of cooking.

  • jun

    oh … your new toys sound wonderful! especially the mini tartlet moulds and the petit four moulds. so far i’ve been stuck with the little disposable aluminium cups to make tartlets *sigh*

    eagerly awaiting your next post! :)

  • naf

    My first post! After several months of secret spying this cool blog! thanks clotilde for showing this wonderful delicacies in a down to earth + fun way.

    OK, a short intro of me: I have been living in Paris for more than a year now, I vowed that never in my life I have cooked like my past year. (considering I came from a city that girls considered themselves more virtuous for not able to cook. *blush* sorry i am ashamed to tell you *where*) I got started, coz of nostagia of home food. Then, got curious about french food…

    Now, question time:
    1/ I have been reading widely about baking pans, in Pascale’s blog, chez pim, and other blogs and also in eGullet forum. About half of the people were diehards for metal pans, and some other half really prefer the new silicon pans. I would like to know the *difference* in performance, because some complained about the uneven distribution of heat with silicon mold, resulting in cakes not ‘brown’ properly.

    2/ Where is the best place in Paris to get good quality of baking molds in terms of price?

    3/ I guess the homesale of Pascale flexipans is finished now, when can I can get inform about the next coming event?

    Thanks a lot!!

  • Alisa – Pray, do tell, what shapes did you get in addition to the sheets? As for the book, I’m working on it, dear!

    Lily – I’ve sent you an email about this!

    Jun – But then again, disposable aluminium cups are the cutest thing! :)

    Naf – Answer time!

    1. I’ve been happy with all my silicon molds so far, but don’t consider myself enough of an expert to be talking about performance and heat distribution. I’m sure the good people at eGullet or on the Cooking Light forums have valuable opinions!

    2. My favorite places for that are Dehillerin and friends (review and addressed to be found if you search for “dehillerin” in the search box on the left nav bar).

    3. These meetings are organized on demand so there is no schedule per se, but if you’re interested in hosting one, I could put you in touch with out Demarle representative. Email me if you like!

  • Alisa

    Clotilde, my initial order was two silpat sheets. I then added; 1, Moule a Genoise 24cm, 7cm profondeur, and 1, Moule Rond 18cm, 7cm profondeur, and 1,Plaque Aluminium Perforee 40cm x 30cm.

    If you would like any type of help, ANY, in getting your book together, I would love to help you. Computer work, I don’t know, whatever you need.

  • Alisa – Many thanks for the offer, I’ll certainly keep it in mind. For the moment, it’s a lot of just putting it together in my head, but once it’s out there I’ll certainly come to you if I need help and opinions!

  • Alisa – The offer, again, is delightful. I’ll get in touch with you by email so we can organize something like that!

    Daphne – The more I think about it, the more tempting it sounds!

    Erika and Daphne – Thanks for the book recommendation, it sounds like an excellent read.

  • Leah Ost

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have various ideas for different kinds of flexi pans. I would like to contact the company however I have not found any contact details on this site.

    Please e-mail me your contact detail.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Leah Ost

  • Caren LeMark

    I am an independant representative for Demarle At Home, an can get you any of the flexi-molds or silpat products you desire. Also, have you tried the Roul’ Pat for rolling pastry and dough? It is lovely. In the US, there are currently less than 1300 representatives to hold Rendez-Vous gatherings, which is what we call the cooking party. If anyone out there who loves gourmet cooking with very minimal clean-up would feel this type of product is up thier alley, please let me know!

  • I want one of the Demarle books. Where can I buy it? I saw one once in my life and fell in love with its recipes. They’re great…

  • Jane Wolverton

    I am a Demarle at Home representative in Minnesota. I love the Demarle product. The company is wonderful and I am loving being in the kitchen again. It was clean up that kept me away. It is Dermarle that brought me back before I gutted my kitchen and put in a drive up window!!

    I call the flexipans the Gourmet look for the box cake cook!

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