DIY Cake Stand (Genius Trick!)

Today, I have the neatest idea ever to share with you: how to turn any dinner plate into a DIY cake stand.

I was at the coffee shop the other day, waiting at the counter to pay for my Ethiopian filter coffee (so good), and I noticed the barista rearranging the baked goods in the display case. He picked up a plate of small cakes, slipped an upturned bowl underneath it, and all of a sudden, before my very eyes, a cake stand appeared!

I stared at him, speechless with wonder. What a genius trick! (He shrugged one shoulder, all “doesn’t everybody do this?”)

I was so excited I couldn’t wait to tell you about it; I even did a video and animated gifs to show you.

DIY Cake Stand

So keep it in mind next time you host a party with food displayed on a buffet. Your dishes will pop so much more if you have a little 3D vibe going on. And you can also use the trick in your own kitchen; it saves space and brings levity to your counter.

DIY Cake Stand

As readers Shivangni and Lois pointed out in the Facebook discussion, it is good to place a piece of sticky tack (or, um, playdough) between the bowl and the plate to secure them together, and prevent slipping.

DIY Cake Stand

Other than that, get your favorite plates and prettiest bowls out of your cabinets, and mix and match them as you please.

What do you say? Does this DIY cake stand idea rock your world as it does mine? Do you feel like your life will never be the same? Let me know if you’ve done this before, and if you use this trick at your next party, please share pictures!

  • Absolutely genius. Isn’t it amazing what we can learn just by being observant! I now can have a quick stand without going out and purchasing another item I don’t have room for!! Grazie!

  • Stephanie-Oh

    I will never buy another cake stand. How ingenious! You can change color, style so easily! Thank you!

  • Rebeca

    Mind=blown. This is the kind of trick that’s so simple you can’t believe you’d never thought of. I’m throwing a party on Saturday and I’m going to put it to use! Also, those tomatoes look fantastic. I’m gonna miss them when the season’s over.

    • How did the party go?

      • Rebeca

        Very well! Everyone commented on how beautiful everything looked displayed that way. Btw, I made a tart using your olive oil crust and your yogurt scones, which are among my favourite recipes, and got rave reviews. Thank you for the tip and the great recipes!

  • Nancy Massi

    Amazing trick. Why didn’t we think of this before?

  • i’m really excited about this one. my baking/cooking gear has already floated past the kitchen and the pantry, so buying a new cake stand is definitely out of the question. i’m a little afraid of decorating on it, though, so i’d probably decorate on the plate first, then stack the plate onto the bowl.

    • That’s a wise move. I don’t do much decorating myself, but that’s how I would approach it as well.

  • Andreas

    Great idea – looks pretty and is multi purpose!! :)

  • I am sold! Cannot believe I never thought of doing that… seems so obvious now! And look at the possibilities, matching different colors, shapes of bowls and plates… WOW!

  • Camila Trece

    this is so obvious im almost offended i didnt think about it before!! gonna be a blessing for when i need to take a pretty picture of a cake i made, thank you so much!

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