21 Days to Get Excited for Paris

La Bossue

Do you have a trip to Paris planned this year?

I know it can feel overwhelming to organize your time in a city like Paris. With so much to experience, how can you possibly choose? How do you make the most of it all?

As a native Parisian, food writer, and passionate explorer of my city, my goal is to equip you with insider tips and recommendations so you know you have your bases covered, and you can feel relaxed, confident, and excited.

It is the spirit in which I’ve created this FREE and FUN email series called 21 Days to Get Excited for Paris.

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Mushroom Buckwheat Soup

Mushroom Buckwheat Soup

Photos by Céline de Cérou.

The story of this mushroom buckwheat soup starts with a dinner date with Maxence.

With two little boys and rich work lives, we make it a point to book baby-sitters on a regular basis, in order to enjoy an evening just for us grownups. Sometimes we go see a movie (a movie! in an actual movie theater! oh, the thrill!), sometimes we catch up with friends (uninterrupted conversations! swearing allowed!), sometimes we go to a party (an actual party! with music! and dancing! this is too much!), but most of the time, we have dinner just the two of us at a restaurant in our neighborhood, which — lucky for us — is rife with wonderful places.

I get ridiculously excited about those evenings. I think it is one of the many convoluted gifts life hands you along with small children: yes, time for yourself becomes pretty scarce. But when it does come, you drink it up and bathe in it and cherish every drop like it’s the very nectar of the Gods.

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Tasting Paris Pre-Order Bonus!

Tasting Paris

My new cookbook TASTING PARIS: 100 Recipes to Eat Like a Local will be coming out in North America* on March 20, 2018!

This is the book I’ve long wanted to write to share the many and wonderful flavors of Paris from a local’s perspective. A cliché-free Paris that reflects the way real Parisians eat today.

>> Claim your pre-order bonus here! <<

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Best of January

Rue André Antoine

How are things? I hope this fresh new year is smiling its freshest, brightest smile at you already. That’s how I feel myself!

• This month, I went with my father to see the exhibition about René Goscinny at the Jewish Art and History Museum in Paris. His name may not ring a bell, but I’m sure you’re familiar with his work.

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What To Do Instead of a Detox: A Gentler Way to Start The Year

We’re just a couple of days into January, and already you are being assailed by messages of diet this and detox that.

And certainly, you will feel the pull. Who wouldn’t? It’s everywhere, and you feel a little food-ed out from the holiday celebrations. But. There is more than one way to handle this feeling, and I’d like to offer an alternative to self-punishment.

Instead of diving head first into group guilt, self-loathing, shame, restrictive eating, imaginative cleanses, and the inevitable backlash they breed, consider directing these vast (VAST!) amounts of time and energy and brain juice toward making peace with food and with your body.

It’s revolutionary.

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