Draw Me A Fridge: A New Interview Series

With the help of (and based on an idea by) my friend Alexia Colson-Duparchy, I am pleased to launch a new series on Chocolate & Zucchini titled Draw Me A Fridge, in which she will be grilling personalities from the food world and beyond about what’s in their fridge. Those who feel inspired will be providing a doodle to illustrate it.

But first, meet Alexia Colson-Duparchy!


Raised on quinoa and wild rice from her early days, long before they were on the savvy foodies’ radar, food never left Alexia indifferent. It wasn’t until she flew away from the parental nest and moved to the land of poutine (Quebec) that she realized that when you invite a bunch of friends over for dinner, well, you better start cooking.

She discovered the luxury of a well-stocked fridge when she started to work as a lawyer and aspired to a) eat things other than greasy slices of cold pepperoni pizza at her desk; and b) maintain some sort of a social life. Her successive moves to the lands of bobotie (Cape Town), fish and chips (London) and laham mashwee (Abu Dhabi) and back to oeuf mayo (Paris) only amplified her natural curiosity for other people’s vision of culinary delights.

Today, she plans on using this column to bring peace to the world, one open fridge at a time!

  • Nice one! Keep posting interviews, they are very interesting.

  • What a wonderful idea! When I meet new friends and visit their homes, I often wish I could peek into their fridge to get to know them — and to get new ideas for what could be in my fridge.

    I look forward to meeting the personalities you choose and getting acquainted with their fridges soon!

  • I will be looking forward to this feature. I’m sure it will inspire me to keep up with my fridge contents; and I admit, I’m hoping there will be some revelations that make me feel a little better about all those forgotten, mostly empty jars of condiments and jam I know are hanging out in the back ;)

  • What a great idea! I can’t wait to see what others are keepin’ in their fridge.

  • christiana

    Looking forward to these interviews and fridge doodles!! Again, an inspired idea on chocolate and zucchini.
    Cheers Clotilde and Alexia. xo

  • So, Clotilde, how does one get chosen to be interviewed? I think my fridge may be unique!

    • So far Alexia has been choosing interviewees based on her own curiosity about their fridges, but I for one would like to know what’s in your fridge so I will pass along the suggestion to her. :)

  • I love this idea!
    It’s like looking inside people’s purses
    very personalized.

  • I would love to be interviewed as well. My fridge can be very interesting and capable of supplying the basis for great meals.

  • Madonna

    What a wonderful idea. I’m always curious about what other people keep in their refrigerators. I’m looking forward to these interviews for my own curiosity and for some inspiration in my own kitchen.

  • I buy celery with good intentions, but it often winds up as a sacrifice to the fridge god. In its honor, I wrote

    Ode to Celery

    The refer knows
    you’re the one
    that stays
    until the end
    couldn’t pass the test
    fickle, short term friends

  • I love this idea! The fridge says a lot about someone’s hidden habits.


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