Walnut Jam

Confiture de Noix du Périgord

The great thing about bringing food souvenirs back from your vacation — besides choosing them, buying them, fitting them somewhere in your already overbulging suitcase, hoping and praying and crossing your fingers that they don’t break/shatter/squish/smoosh/leak — is that it prolongs the magic indefinitely as you savor your goodies, little by little, over the next days, weeks and months.

I have a definite weakness for all things sweet and spreadable (as some people who share cabinet space with me are painfully aware) and I always seem to lug back herds of jars from my peregrinations.

This invariably leads to private moments of breakfast happiness, as I sit on my bar stool, pop the jar open, discover the color and texture which I had so far only guessed at through the glass, spread it on toast, take a bite, and mmmh… relish the taste, congratulate myself on the purchase, and munch contentedly away.

What we have here is a jar of walnut jam from the Périgord. Walnuts there are taken as seriously as ducks and ceps, so much so that La Noix du Périgord is protected by her own personal AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, a certification of origin). This jam is made of sugar (55%) and walnuts (45%), nothing else. And this is all it takes to get you this fabulous, grainy, dark and intensely flavorful spread, so fragrant it almost smells like liquor.

A sweet mouthful of Périgord to last me through fall, making up for the increasing darkness at breakfast time.

Les Coquilles du Périgoud
La Mouline
24250 Grolejac
05 65 41 48 70

  • Hi Clotilde,

    I share that feeling of bringing food stuff back from holidays… I’d typically leave for vacation with a relatively small bag with me and come back with an extra jammed bag or two other than the first one!

    That walnut jam looks delightsome. I have had walnut jams before, but they were a lot paler in color. And it smells like liquor? mmm…. I bet it tastes really rich, too…

  • Once again, I am incredibly jealous! I’ve never even heard of walnut jam and now I must have some.

    This summer we got a taste of Spain and missed it when we got back to the US. I did find a great place that sells serrano, manchego and spanish olive oil but it doesn’t taste quite the same eating it in my living room as it did in the Plaza Bib-Rambla in Granada. sigh….

  • Ana

    Hi Clotilde,

    Just looking at it makes my mouth water. Do you want to share?

    PS- I’ve posted the recipe you asked. Enjoy!

  • Beautifully written, Clotilde.

    My breakfast this morning consisted of walnut bread with my mother’s apricot lemon preserve. One other piece of toast had crunchy almond butter and a rather buxom clover honey. Ah… moving into the fall flavours can indeed stave off the darkness.

  • cooper


    post hijack:

    Saw the Times article, great picture and recipe! Good to see the MSM is taking note of a bright side of the net!

    Keep inspiring all of us!


  • I always bring back food from my travels. But on my most recent trip, to Prague, I had a request from a friend to bring back as much Czech hot sauce as I could fit into my suitcase in exchange for free CDs. The only problem is I like the hot sauce so much myself that I don’t want to give it away!

  • Alisa

    it looks so delicious

  • interesting! I’ve never come across walnut jam before. Definitely something to look out for in future.

  • Will

    My brother and I are notorious for bringing extravagances back form our vacations.

    The last trip to New Zealand I somehow managed to bring back 4 enormous crayfish freshly caught the morning of the flight and packed in ice! From catch to plate back at home in Sydney, just 4.5 hours… Going to do it again in a few weeks, can”t wait!!!


  • Rainey

    C’est possible il y a une recette pour ceux d’entre nous qui ne peut pas trouver cette confiture de noix en boîte?

    Est-ce que vous avez des raisins “Concord” en France? Est-ce que vous voudrez avoir une recette pour “Grape Conserve” qui veut dire (en Anglais au moins) une préserve avec noix? J’ai une recette excellente que j’adore.

  • Je ne savais pas où l’écrire, mais ton blog est un “must” ! Je suis récent dans l’univers des blogs, mais là je dis bravo, respect, et tuti fruti.
    Côté gastronomie, je suis… NUL. Mais ton blog donne envie, et je pense que c’est un de tes buts.
    Je vais de ce pas te “lier” dans mon blog qui est lu chaque jour par au moins deux personnes, Betty la grenouille et William le dromadaire.

  • Here’s a huge congratulations, Clotilde, on the LATimes piece and the book deal! You are most certainly going places, and your readers are anxiously waiting to see what happens next…

    Beautiful photo of the walnut jam, by the way. I love the curves and angles of the jar.

  • catherine

    Yesterday, I had to work too hard for 12 hours without enough break.
    So, this morning, I found that I got a blister on my lip as a sign of fatigue.
    Readnig your story, I could dip in sweet imagination such as our heart throb with expectation before christmas season.
    Even if I can’t taste that walnut jam, It seemed to me that its taste and favor are fantastic !
    I envy you because you can welcome every breakfast with happiness.

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