Belleville Bagel

Belleville Bagel

Some people have all the luck.

Maxence’s company recently relocated to Belleville, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Not only are the new offices in a rehabilitated workshop with frosted glass windows and exposed beams, nested at the very back of a series of small rickety courtyards, it is also right at the crossroads between North Africa and Asia.

You didn’t know such a geographic wonder existed? Well it does, as communities from both regions of the world have taken up residence on either side of the place de Belleville.

And this means that my lucky boy gets to conduct stupendous explorations trying out every possible hole-in-the-wall, travelling from Vietnam to Morocco by way of Thaïland, from Tunisia to China, from Korea to Turkey, and back again – all during his lunch break.

Thankfully, he is the generous kind, and from time to time he’ll suprise me with a selection of local Belleville goodies. Like for instance, those huge and delectable poppyseed bagels

Update! By popular demand, here is the name and address of Maxence’s purveyor of bagels :

Les Pitoon’s
122 bd de Belleville
75020 Paris

  • Cecile

    Je sors de table mais ai déjà (ou encore)l’eau à la bouche de vous lire. Pour les bagels : quelle adresse please ?

  • Ria

    Hello Clotilde,

    I’ve been reading your website for some time, and I positively adore it! Your articles are great, and they always make me wish I could transport myself to Paris… Especially now that you’re told us all about Belleville! You must join Maxence on his culinary explorations and tell us all about it. Cheers!

  • Clotilde,
    Amazing, I was just about to ask you where I could buy some bagels in Paris as I’ve got some philadelphia cream cheese from UK in my fridge. I used to find some in Monoprix and also frozen in Picard but they seem to have disappeared.
    It would be very nice if you could give us the address.
    Many thanks in advance.

  • Maxence has just accepted the very important mission of getting the exact name and address of the purveyor of bagels! Stay tuned…

  • Meg

    There is also a bagel restaurant/store in the eighth:

    Bagel Co.
    31 r Ponthieu 75008 PARIS
    01 42 89 44 20

    I’ve been there for lunch and the bagel sandwich was very good – California style with avacado and turkey. They also sell plain bagels to go!

  • oohh! a delicious combination.

    poppyseeds. so hard to get them here in malaysia. sigh.

  • Amy C.

    Pacale and others:

    I came upon a deli in the 2nd Arr. that imports H&H bagels from NYC (the very best purveyor, as we connaisseurs know!). The name eludes me, but I think it’s at 1, rue de Clery.

  • Meg – Thanks a lot for the tip, I’ll have to check it out!

    Wena – Poppyseeds aren’t easily found in Paris either. The best bet is organic food stores…

    Amy – Excellent! I have found a website that talks about a “Bagel Store” at that address (01 45 08 01 43). A trip there is definitely in order. I’ve never had H&H bagels, but have heard good things about them to say the least!

  • Are you sure about the address? Cause that’s right next to my street and I didn’t find it…

  • You have absolutely no idea how happy the news of bagels in Paris has made me. It has been my mission to find a bagel every since i got here! so happy. anyone know of any good mexican food?? I am from california and have been seriously craving a burrito lately. its sick.
    thanks again!

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