Help Me Name My Book!


As you may or may not know, I have a new cookbook in the works that’s all about French cooking and vegetables, scheduled for publication in the spring of 2013. (You can read more about the project in the posts About my new book, and Shooting photos for my new book.)

I wrapped up the manuscript shortly before I had the baby, and it then went into my editor’s hands for some edits, and in the copyeditor’s for more tiying up of loose ends (copyeditors are my personal eagle-eyed heroes). The designer worked on the layout of the inside of the book, submitting a few different ideas for our consideration before perfecting the one we all felt happiest about (and I am very happy about it).

I should be receiving the first dummy soon, i.e. the complete text integrated into the layout, and there will be a bit of work there to make the copy fit neatly within the boundaries of the pages.

But at the forefront of my mind now is this all-important question: what should we call the book?

Up until now, the book has been referred to as “Untitled French Vegetable Book” (glamorous, no?) and my editor and I have been exchanging title ideas back and forth, but we haven’t yet found the one.

So I thought I would come to you, dear readers who are so good with words, and ask for your help: what would you name a cookbook that celebrates the love story between French cuisine and vegetables, one that focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients combined simply but tastefully in vegetarian dishes, one that comes with lots of stories about shopping, cooking, and living in Paris?

Of course, there is a prize! If you’re the first person to suggest the title we end up using, you’ll receive a signed copy of the book when it comes out, and a surprise gift from Paris that I will tailor specifically to you and your tastes*. (I’ll send that out to you at any postal address on the planet, so feel free to participate regardless of your location.)

If you want to play, I’ll be so very grateful for your ideas! We most likely need the words “French” or “Paris”, and “vegetables” or “vegetarian” in there, but don’t let that cramp your style. Please submit your title suggestions — with optional subtitle — by Sunday, September 23 in the comments section below, or send them to me privately, if you prefer, via the contact form. (In both cases, make sure you enter a correct email address, or I won’t be able to contact you if you win.)

Thank you so much!

Edit: The call for submission is now closed. Many, many thanks to all who participated with such enthusiasm. You’ve really outdone yourselves, and I am thrilled with all your ideas! As soon as the definitive title is chosen, I’ll announce it here, along with the name of the winner.

* It is understood that we will then be able to use the title free and clear of any obligations.

  • A title for your book, pretty difficult. Maybe ” Paris Veggie “

  • jude

    Fresh French/French Fresh

  • Michele

    L’amour et (les) légumes

  • C in DC

    Seasonal Parisian Cooking.
    Seasonal French Cuisine: Vegetarian Cooking from the Parisian Markets.
    Fresh French!: A Cookbook celebrating Seasonal Vegetables
    The Art of French Cooking for Modern Vegetarians

    You already have your jacket blurb: A love story between French cuisine and vegetables, focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients combined simply but tastefully in vegetarian dishes, and includes many stories about shopping, cooking, and living in Paris.

  • Mmmm I have a few ideas:

    – France’s Vegetarian Love Affair

    – Vegetarian, Seasonal, and above all French!

    – Parisian Vegetarian Cuisine

    – France’s vegetables through the seasons

  • Lovely Legumes: A French Guide to Eating Your Vegetables

  • Sherron

    Parlez-vous Legume?

  • bethh

    It’s probably corny, but the title that leaped to mind was: Vive la veg! [subtitle here] – something like An exploration of French vegetables or something equally explanatory.

    What a fun problem to have!

  • Hi Clotilde,

    Congratulations! On the baby and new book.

    I thought Chocolate and Zucchini was perfectly titled because the combination of chocolate and a vegetable caught my attention and the recipe has been my favorite cake recipe ever since.

    Without knowing any specific recipes in the new book I would suggest :

    In Season – Paris Vegetarian Fare

    or In Season: Vegetarian Parisian Style – Creme de la Creme.

    Regardless what you call the book, looking forward to trying out the new yummy recipes!

  • French Girl’s Guide to Vegetables

    Into the French Garden: Vegetarian Recipes and Stories from my Paris Kitchen

    Vegetables: French Style

  • Congratulations! Coming up with a name is so hard! What about . . .

    The French Vegetarian: the art and style of seasonal eating.

    – OR –

    The French Garden Cookbook: seasonal, local, vegetarian.

    Good luck! I know you’ll pick a good one!

  • AliciaK

    Seasonal Vegetables, the French Way
    A Vegetable in Paris
    Vegetable Musings in Paris
    Seasons in Paris: Vegetables Throughout the Year

  • Joy Doukas


    How about “So Fresh – A Parisian Ode to Vegetables” for your title?

    Best of luck! Looking forward to the book–

  • kiki

    Fresh Connection: Vegetables Parisian Style

    • Nicola

      Eating Vegetables in Paris – there’s just so much more than French fries!

  • Kelly

    I tend to brainstorm w/stuff like this… let me throw out:

    “The Parisian Harvest”

    “Jewels from the Potager”

    “The Willow Trellis: French Inspired Vegetarian Cuisine”

    (…you see where I’m headed w/this) I like using “Potager” because I think that sums up both the French and Fresh/Garden aspects.

  • Clare

    How about Végétale (of or pertaining to vegetables)? I think people would get it.

    Possible subtitles:
    Fresh French vegetarian cookery
    A French adventure in vegetarian food

    Some kind of play on fresh/French could work.

  • Hello! I really enjoy your blog. My humble suggestion is

    An Asparagus In Paris
    My Love Affair With French Vegetarian Cuisine.

    Best of luck!

  • Carolina

    Can’t wait to see the book!
    Here are my suggestions:

    Vegetables and France – a love story throughout the seasons

    Eating French and in season – a vegetarian guide to good food

    Good luck!

  • Alicia

    You could use something inspired by your idiom series, such as:

    -A Pear in Two Halves
    -Minding Your Onions
    -Avoir la Peche

    Or something simple:

    -Un Panier de Legumes

    The tagline should recollect your other books.

    Vegetarian Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen

  • Kaye

    France, In Season

    French Harvest

    Best of all right now, I like bethh’s Vive le Veg!

  • Sheila

    Two (very silly) title suggestions:

    “A Vegetable Guide to Paris”

    “To Paris with Vegetables”

    Can’t wait for the new book!

  • French cooks and their vegetables

    Vegetarian cooking in France

    Frogs and veg (sorry, corny I know!)

  • Jim F

    My inner film geek wants to touch the Paris theme with 2 or 3 Things I Know About Vegetables but probably a limited audience :-)

  • Joanne

    “C in DC” has come up with three great suggestions! My vote goes to his/her first one:

    Seasonal French Cuisine: Vegetarian Cooking from the Parisian Markets

  • A

    I think you should name it, it’s your baby <3 But Joy's A Vegetable in Paris is pretty cute.

  • wester

    Lettuce go to Paris?

    Sorry, it’s late here…

  • Linda

    “Chocolate & Zuccini” same colors and font.
    Why change?
    Love your blog and congratulations on your new baby!

  • To Légume with Love

  • “On love, life and vegetables”

    “The Parisian (French girl) who ate vegetables”

  • Jennifer

    Verdure: French Vegetarian Cooking with the Seasons

  • Patsy

    “Vegging out in Paris”

  • Olivia

    Un potager à Paris

  • Hey Clotilde..I am so excited about your new book.Being a vego and a french food lover.My Perfect cookbook!!
    My suggestion:
    A vegetarian In Paris
    With the tag line in your own words:
    A love story between French cuisine and vegetables.
    Good luck with the final process!
    Hugs :)

  • Lisa

    “A Vegetarian in Paris”

  • Amy

    “A La Jardinierre: simple vegetarian cuisine from Paris”

    Congratulations on your new baby and the book! :)

  • Parisian Vegetable Cuisine – tales from the trencher

  • Betty

    “To Vegetables, With Love xoxo”

  • Rachel

    The French Market Cookbook or the Parisian Market Cookbook

  • Aubergine to Zucchini: Vegetarian Cooking in Paris

  • Fresh French Cuisine Végétarienne; or

    Pour Les Végétariens (Fresh French Food/Recipes)

  • How about For the love of vegetables: the French love affair with fresh seasonal produce

  • Julie

    Le potager parisien: Market-fresh French Vegetarian Cooking

    Ou bien encore…

    Paris végé: Market-fresh French Vegetarian Cooking

    Et mes félicitations pour ton livre et ton enfant.

  • Emily

    I read many years ago that some study determined that “haricot verts” was the most beautiful sounding French word. (To non-french speakers, I think) That was the first thing that came to my mind. So…

    Haricot Verts: French Vegetarian Cuisine

    or – because I have always loved the endearment:

    Mon Petit Chou: Celebrating the love story between the French and their vegetables.

  • Camille

    Here are my ideas:

    Paris Grown : Vegetarian delights fresh from the market
    ( I like the idea of reminding in the title that the author also sprouted from the Parisian pavement)

    The Street Harvest / The City Harvest : A vegetarian guide to Parisian markets and cuisine
    (I like Kelly’s The Parisian Harvest too!)

    Fresh from the Marché : A Parisian’s tips to buying and cooking fresh vegetables

    Graine de Paris : Buying, cooking and loving vegetables in Paris

    From the Marché to the Table / From Stall to Kitchen : The French art / The Parisian way of buying and cooking vegetables

  • How about:
    Parisians love vegetables too.
    Parisians love their vegetables

    Paris Market Cookbook

    Paris Market Notebook

    A French Girl’s Love of Vegetables

    A Paris Kitchen’s Vegetable Notebook

    Notebook from a Paris Kitchen

    Have fun!

  • marianne

    Taking inspiration from your own entry on the photoshoot for the book:
    La Vraie Vie: Seasonal Vegetables in the French Style
    Au Marche: Vegetarian Cooking from Paris Markets

  • The Pick of the Crop – Clotilde’s Vegetable Adventures.

    Clotilde’s Vegetable Adventures in Paris.

    The Parisian Vegetable Market

    Terrific Terroir – Clotilde’s Primer on Paris Markets.

    Clotilde’s Cornucopia – A Parisian guide to where to buy, how to eat, etc.

    Clotilde’s Parisian Vegetable Patch

  • Sophia Katt

    How about some form of the well-known Voltaire quote from Candide, “Il faut cultiver notre jardins”? Plus a tag line, like “Vegetables with a French point of view”.

  • Oh, Clotilde — how exciting to be naming this new book! Here are a few ideas for you . . .

    “Paris and the vegetable: true love”
    “Eat your vegetables . . . in Paris”
    “Paris does vegetables”
    “Peas in Paris: a vegetarian love story”

    Bonne chance! I can’t wait to read it and cook from it!

  • Anand

    “Les Legumes Clotildien” (sorry, I love puns)

  • I like the suggestions along the lines of “Fresh and French”! “To Légume with Love” is cute too. :-)

    I’d also submit Plant-based in Paris, or perhaps Planted near Paris.

  • Alicia

    “Veggies in the oven”?

  • Pete

    Real French Vegetables

  • Brad

    Congratulations on the new book, I’m very much looking forward to it. Here are a couple of suggestions for a title:
    “The Lunchbox of Notre Dame”
    “An Aubergine in Paris”

    On second thought, maybe these are better for when you sell the movie rights. Best of luck!

  • I think also that you should keep the title “Cholcolate and Zucchini”. It is a well-known brand, that is yours. You picked it for a reason, and it worked well. And it expresses the things you wanted to express in a title. Maybe you should choose a sub-title, that says somethign like: seasonal vegetarian cooking in Paris.

  • Maria

    “Where vegetables grow in Paris”
    “Living with vegetables in Paris”
    “Fresh & French & with Love”
    “Fresh and French with Love, from Paris”

    I am very excited for your book!

  • annemarie

    “Légumes, je t’aime” or “Légumes et Paris, je t’aime”

  • L’Amour de Légumes: La Cuisine Végétarienne à Paris

    A Love of Vegetables: Vegetarian Cooking in Paris

  • Sophie


  • No clue if it is already up there, (so many comments!!!!) but here is my idea:

    Oui, Veggie!

  • Peter

    Can’t wait to see and try it.

    I’d call it “Fresh French”

  • Rocio Haskell

    Name suggestions:

    Mon potager
    Le potager

    C’est tout. Rocio

  • Lydia

    Just an idea I had: What about if you take the name of three vegetables that stands for the colors of the french flag, printed in this colors? Like aubergines (blue), asparagus (white) and beetroot (red) – or any other fitting fruit or vegetable.

    Subtitle could be: The Color of french cooking

    Good luck to find a name! Greetings from Germany…

  • A Parisian kitchen as seasons go by: vegetarian dishes

    Seasons in a Parisian/French kitchen: vegetarian dishes

    Seasons on a plate: my vegetarian dishes

  • I must add just one more:
    A Vegetable Notebook from a Paris Kitchen

    I like the notebook idea as it seems like the sharing of something personal, I chose vegetable because I assume this will not be a strictly vegetarian cookbook and you want a wider readership. Paris kitchen gives the Parisian flavor, but as if the recipes are coming from an individual’s kitchen not a star chef (even though you are a star to us followers and preparers of your recipes)

  • What fantastic suggestions, everyone, thanks so much for your creative ideas, and do keep them coming!

  • Susan

    Veg à table: French Vegetarian Cooking

  • Ileana

    Bonjour Clotilde!
    I would suggest “La Vie en Vert”

  • Takako

    How about:
    Bonjour Vegetables!
    – New French cooking for vegetarians and non-vegetarians

    Good luck with your new book.

  • Brenda

    Since your original name is so well known and synonymous with you – a little spin…

    Zucchini & Chocolate:
    les legumes edition
    Vegetables the French way

    Whatever you choose, I can’t wait to read it, I love your first book!
    Bonne chance et meilleurs voeux

  • Janet

    Persephone in Paris: the Harvest Goddess Cooks in the City of Light

  • I apologize if it’s already been suggested, I didn’t read through to keep from being influenced…

    le jardin à la française
    de mon jardin à la française
    de mon jardin

    I like the simpler “de mon jardin”, since having it in French implies the “à la française”

  • lynh

    i sent you some
    here are some other ones:

    olive you, zucchini

    Olive is here to stay – Paris in Love with vegetables (play on a song from American in Paris)

    Reviving the French Connection-with Vegetables! (not heroin obviously)

    you say beet I say betterave

  • Lyza

    I love the one up in the comments that someone wrote “L’amour et (les) légumes” That’s the one that catches my eye the most and makes me want to read the book and savor all the wonderfulness of Paris and Vegetables. Some of the other titles up there bore me to tears and remind me of textbooks. It’s amazing how a title can make or break a book!!

  • Wendy

    La vie parisienne sans la viande

  • Jason

    “How do you say vegetable in french?”

  • Katherine Wagner

    What is “My Vegetables” in French? Your name further down. Simple and affectionate, the way you come across about food (I’ve noticed this having been a follower for several years, don’t really like to say lurker).


  • SarahD

    Celebrating Vegetables with a French Flair?

    The French Flair for Celebrating Vegetables?

  • Jessi

    chocolate and courgette

  • Aretta Anderst

    How about:

    CROQUANT! French Seasonal Veggie Bites

  • Julie

    De la terre à la table: A celebration of vegetables and French cuisine.

  • Jorge

    La Champagne a ma Table
    La Champagne a ma Cuisine
    La Champagne a Paris

  • sara-hare

    “For the Love of Nicoise”

    “The Paris Vegetable”

  • Trop chou les legumes!

  • Love your Veggies, or Who needs Meat?

  • FDB

    “Paris, Plants”

  • Anne Marie

    The French Paradox: tasteful vegetarian recipes ;-)

  • Elizabeth

    + Legumes à la Parisienne

    + Clotilde’s Vegetables: Fresh from my Parisian kitchen

    + French Vegetable Love

    + The French Connection: a love affair with Vegetables

  • Lori

    Zucchini & Chocolate: Vegetarian Adventures in Paris

  • Laura

    Eating Green: the Secret Color of French Cooking

  • Ooh, tricky! There are already lots of great suggestions. How about:

    La cuisine de Clotide: vegetarian recipes from a Paris kitchen

    A/Clotilde’s French Harvest

    The seasons of Paris

  • Kats

    (Vert)eatables: Honest-to-Goodness Greens from the Parisian Kitchen

    Seeing Green in the French Tricolour

    Green: The French Tricolour’s Hidden Color

    Garden Variété: More than Just Ratatouille

  • “Veggies Through the Eyes of Paris”

  • I’m going to guess Le French Vegetable Book is off the table?

    I really like Fresh French Food and French Veg (both already suggested).

  • How about:

    From the Marché to the Table

  • Mind Your Peas and Cukes:
    Making the Most of Veggies the Parisian Way

  • Tamara

    how about “Vert”

  • shana

    “Fresh Paris: vignettes and vegetarian recipes celebrating the best of each season”
    –or adding preposition, eg. “Fresh from Paris”

    “The Love of Taste: vignettes and vegetarian recipes from a Parisian kitchen”
    –or “Par amour du gout”

    :) excited to see the new book!

  • Sally

    J’aime le legumes.

  • Catherine

    So many great suggestions already! I love picking up the “adventure” theme of your previous books; and may I add:

    Paris Végétal: Seasonal Adventures with Clotilde

    Saison: Clotilde’s Vegetarian Adventures in Paris

    Thanks for your beautiful and delicious work!

  • dru

    Shoot, I liked Mon petit chou, my love affair with French vegetables, but it’s been taken… try “L’amour Legumes: Vegetables in the Heart of Paris.”

  • dru

    too bad you couldn’t do “vichy veggies”, sorry couldn’t resist.

  • dru

    how about, “Beyond French Fries… Vegetables/Vegetarian Cooking from Paris and beyond, or “Beyond French Fries… Vegetables/Vegetarian Cooking from the French Countryside.”

  • Stacey

    Cliche? Probably. But I like ‘A Vegetarian in Paris.’

  • namec’s cook

    “Zucchini and Chocolate: Clotilde’s Parisian Vegetables”

  • Kara

    vive les veggies!

  • Kara

    chocolate & more than zucchini

  • Audrey

    My Paris Market (or insert the name of your specific market)
    L’Auberge Parisienne
    From Aubergines to ________ [insert a french veggie or fruit beginning with Z here]: A veggie lover’s guide to Paris

  • Rooted in Paris

    Root = beginning of a vegetable – rooted in love -rooted in one’s home/country/place -rooted…meaningful word.

    All the best and may your roots grow!


  • What about “From the (French) Kitchen Garden, with love”
    or “From the Vegetable Garden, with love”. I am looking forward to reading the book!

  • christiana

    A couple more suggestions:
    1)Paris Vert: from parisian markets to kitchen table.
    2)The French Vegetable connection.

  • Ty

    Joie de terre
    Joie de vegetal
    Joie de verts

    With a little subtitle like (Year-round French cooking with seasonal vegetables)

    Good luck. Just got Edible Adventures in Paris for my upcoming first trip to the city. Very nice book.

  • lynh

    Lady and the Ramp

  • Rachel

    Beyond Legumes – A Parisian Approach to Vegetarian Cooking.

    My 2 centimes!

  • Jennifer J

    Vegetables en francais

  • Laurel

    I’m sure all the parts have been mentioned already, but this is a title I’d sure buy: “Regne Vegetal: Vegetarian in Paris”

    I’m so excited about the new book. “Chocolate and Zucchini” has already given us many staple recipes, but more vegetables? – Hurray!

  • Laura


    My boyfriend and I have some more suggestions:

    French cuisine for domestic herbivores

    Herbivorous adventures in a Parisian kitchen

    Herbivorous delights from a Parisian kitchen

  • Sara

    Du Jardin: Seasonal Vegetables in the French Kitchen

  • JanetMoh

    Sorry but I like the title you have already – Untitled French Vegetable Book – says it all no??!! Looking forward to the book!

  • Zoe-Clare Matsui

    “Vegetable Mon Amour: the Culinary Love Story of A Vegetarian In Paris”

    Best of luck with the book.

  • A few more:
    Colorful Parisian Greens (in season/on a plate)
    Edible colors in Paris
    Edible Parisian Colors (on a plate)
    Parisian Greens in Season

  • Randi

    And what about:
    Visit Clotilde’s Parisian Garden.
    and that is my last suggestion …

  • kotryna

    It Grew On a Parisian Tree


  • Stasia

    Clothilde Knows Her Onions: Lessons in French Vegetables

  • Eva

    I suggest

    “Chocolate and Zucchini 2”
    Vegetarian News from my Parisian Kitchen


    “All about Vegetables”
    News from my Parisian Kitchen

  • Zoe-Clare Matsui

    Hmm not sure if my previous attempt at posting made it through. Very excited to hear about the new baby and the new book!
    Here’s my stab at a title:

    “Vegetable Mon Amour: The Culinary Love Story of a Vegetarian in Paris”

  • Vegetal: Seasonal French Vegetable Cookery
    (because who doesn’t love saying ‘cookery’?)


    Vegetal: 4 Seasons of French Vegetable Recipes

  • Clothilde’s Vegetable Adventures in Paris: Cooking from the City’s Markets

    Seasonal French Vegetables: Paris Market Cooking

  • My parisian vegetable basket
    or my Paris vegeterian basket… good luck!

  • Celia

    Prêt-à-Manger: Vegetable based cuisine from Paris

  • Penny

    Les Legume : Vegetables with a French Twist

  • Antoana

    This will be great, I hope everything goes smooth and we’ll soon be seeing your book on the shelves! I love your recipes, and I think this book will be a brilliant gift for a vegetarian I love! Any chance it might be out by christmas? :)

    Here are a few suggestions:

    Fresh Paris

    Green Parisian Bites

    Green Parisien Cuisine
    Green Parisien Kitchen
    A Green Parisien Kitchen

    Green Paris: French Vegetarian Cuisine
    Paris Vert: French Vegetarian Cooking

    Vert: The color of my Parisien kitchen (I like this one most, I find it really sweet and personal)

    A Vegetarian in Paris!

    Good luck with your book and your baby, it seems you have a lot of new things coming to you :)

  • Mel

    Bonjour Clotilde – I look forward to reading your book when it is for sale!


    – Paris in Green

    – Love on the table: vegetarian recipes from a Parisian kitchen

    – Garden to table

    – In season: vegetarian recipes from a Parisian kitchen

    – Pour l’amour de légumes

  • Hannelore

    Hi Clothilde,

    Your blog is one of my favourite food blogs and I love vegetables.

    What about

    “Chocolate and Zucchini goes Veggie :
    My beautiful Vegetarian Cuisine in France”

  • How about

    Salad Days: Adventures in French Vegetarian Cooking

    Treasures from the Market: (with same subtitle as above)

    Regardless of its title, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am SO looking forward to the book coming out!

  • Legume Living: Cook and Eat Your Veggies the Parisian Way

    The Vegetarian Gourmande: Eating My Way Through Parisian Markets

    (depending on the amount of stories you have)
    Literary Legume: Vegetarian Living in Paris

    If I think of anymore I’ll be sure to post!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  • Anne-Sophie

    How about: “Mange tes vegetables.”

  • Anna

    “Flavors of Paris”

  • Wendy Hutton

    Terre a Table: A French Celebration of Vegetables

  • Mary

    What about – A vegetarian, living in Paris… You know a play on – an American living in Paris…

    Have fun!

  • Ok my french is not very good though I’m sure you will get the idea….

    Le Quatre Saison Vegetarian Francais – A Year in the life of French Vegetarian Cooking

  • joe

    Wow, hundreds of suggestions. I can’t come up with one that is better than many of those here, but just looking forward to another of your lovely books.

  • Christine

    Les Légumes Parisiennes: Seasonal Vegetarian Cuisine from the City of Light

    Market to Table: French Vegetarian Recipes for Every Season

    Marché à Table: Seasonal Vegetarian Recipes from the City of Light

  • k1tsun3

    I like namec’s cook’s subtitle, but as a title: Clotilde’s Parisian Vegetables.

  • Congratulations on creating a new book!

    I’m a musician, so couldn’t help drawing from the song, “April in Paris”. Feel free to mix and match titles with subtitles:

    April in Paris: Vegetarian Cooking With the Seasons

    Seasonal Affairs: Cooking Seasonal Vegetarian Food in Paris.

    Chestnuts in Blossom: Parisian Seasonal Cooking

    Tasting Paris: Seasonal Cooking With Vegetables

    A few more subtitles to mix and match with titles:
    Adventures With Cooking Vegetables
    Seasonal Cooking with Vegetables
    Cooking Vegetables in Their Season
    French Vegetarian Cooking
    Living, Loving, and Cooking Seasonal Vegetarian Food in Paris

  • Michele

    Did someone say:

    A Vegetarian in Paris (or France)

    Bon chance!
    Blessings to your new family too.

  • French Seasoning: Vegetarian Recipes for All Year Long

  • Judy

    Vegetables in Paris

  • Evis

    Vegetables and Paris: my seasonal account of a market to table love story

  • Judi

    More chocolate & zucchini: vegetables

  • Elizabeth

    Vive les veg!

  • Charlotte

    Hmmm, you had “Chocolate & Zucchini”, which covered the whole gamme, now you’re just focusing on the second half (and I’m glad for it!) so in working with that theme what about “Amour & Zucchini” which might someday be followed by “Chocolate & Amour”, in each case the subtitle making the distinction clear.
    Expands your ‘brand’ but remains precise.

  • Roseanne

    Hello Clotilde,

    This is a fun challenge. I’m sure you’re going to have a hard time selecting from all these excellent entries. Here are my suggestions:

    Vegetarian French Cuisine by a Parisien Connoisseur of the fresh and seasonal variety.

    Vegetarian French Suisine by a Connoisseur of the Parisien Farmers Market Scene.

  • Elisabeth

    Love your brand – hope you keep it!

    How about “Just zucchini” or
    No chocolate, just zucchini?
    Vegetables & zucchini

    Chocolate & zucchini:
    – the vegetarian edition.
    or something along the lines of ..
    Chocolate & zucchini
    – vegetables, the Parisian way
    – vegetables, the Frency way
    – les légumes Parisienne
    – Les légumes Francaise

  • Wendy Hutton

    The use of the word “vegetarian” in the title would be a put-off for many of us vegivores, who adore vegetables but also eat fish, meat and poultry.

  • Barbara

    Marche to Maison – Celebrating the French Harvest in a Parisian Kitchen

    Can’t wait for the new book!

  • Terrance

    I’m not confident in its French accuracy but my suggestion is ‘Liaison Legumes’ as a play on Liaison Amoureuse. Of course please feel free to add the necessary accent marks and make the appropriate grammar corrections.

    It needs a subtitle but I’ll leave that to you and your editors should you choose to use the title (right… he he).

    Good luck with your title hunt.

  • Ambika Kumar

    How about

    Zucchini and other vegetables
    (sans chocolate)

    Zucchini sans chocolate

  • Griffin

    A spin on the first book… Clotilde & Zucchini?

    I can’t wait to get that book, I loved the first one. Still waiting and hoping for a book of short stories tho’. I love your writing.

  • I don’t know if anyone else has suggested this as there are so many comments, I can’t read them all:
    “My love of French Vegetables” or
    “Mon amour de legumes a la Francais”

  • Ellen Anderman

    Amour du Marche: Vegetables from a Parisian Kitchen

  • Emily

    I like the “Veg” shortening of “vegetarian” or “vegetables”; maybe Paris Veg.

  • Sabine

    A new book – how exciting! Two more ideas:

    The Garden of Paris
    Veggie Delights Fresh from the City’s Markets

    Paris Is a Garden
    How to find fresh vegetables in the big city and what to do with them

    (Subtitles are interchangeable.)

  • Ellie Baron

    how about: ‘Peas, peppers and parsnips in Paris’

    (or if the book doesn’t have recipes for those, you could use some other P vegetables instead – pumpkins, potatoes…)

  • Congrats on your new book. Seems like you already received numerous great suggestions, but here are my two cents:

    Le fil vert: living vegetarian in Paris

    In season in Paris

    Fresh living in Paris: cooking with seasonal vegetables

    Joie de vivre frais: vegetables in french cuisine

    Seasonal with a reason: fresh vegetables in French cuisine

  • Katherine

    Here are my two suggestions. Not terribly original, but I thought that a certain amount of simplicity is sometimes desired in the publishing world. Hope this helps!

    Vegetable L’Amour

    L’Affair Des Vegetable(s)

    (Please excuse my poor French.) :)

  • I would suggest:
    Zucchini & Co.: a vegetarian life in Paris

  • Eliad

    First, I would like to say I enjoy reading you and trying your recipes…
    Here are my suggestions:

    -Last Mango in Paris: A Passion for Vegetables
    -A Cabbage Named Desire: Vegetarian Romance in Paris
    -Paris and Vegetables: A Love Story
    -When Chocolate Met Zucchini: Vegetarian Adventures in Paris

    Good luck!

  • Gadia

    The Seasonal Parisienne: Clotide’s Adventures in French Vegetarian Cuisine

    or any riff on the subtitle:
    Adventures in French Market Cooking


    The Paris Marché, The Cook and Her Vegetables

  • Asya

    What a challenge!

    My suggestion: Bright greens & smart vegetables: welcome to Paris

    Good luck with your book!

  • Je viens de voir ce billet ! (seulement publié en Anglais, that’s why!) Je suis nulle en noms (j’ai quand même appelé mon blog Christelle is flabbergasting hein)… mais je m’essaye quand même pour t’aider.
    J’avais pensé au “Zucchini sans chocolat” (déjà cité plus haut) ou à un “Greens!” bien affirmatif… ou sinon… euh… Mrs Bean? (pardon, je sors)

    ps. Et un titre avec un calembour dans le genre de “On a empalé pour moins que ça” ? ;)

  • ‘Chocolate & Zucchini goes to market: Fresh recipes from my Parisian kitchen’

    ‘Veg: a French love story’

    ‘Love Apple: Seasonal Recipes from the Parisian market’

    ‘Market to Mouth: Seasonal eating in Paris’

    or ‘Paris Verts: Tales from a Vegetarian Kitchen’

    Based on the above, it would appear that if I were to write a book it would be called: ‘Colons: I love them!’

  • Elisabeth Ohlsson

    ” Comme fraiche comme le printemps” or “Green” en Paris.

  • Jacqui

    *Paris Patch

  • Justine

    My offerings:

    Clotilde’s kitchen: my vegetable adventures in Paris

    In season: vegetables au table

    My French table: vegetables through the seasons

    Les quatres saisons, vegetable cuisine in France

  • carol

    i am loving the creativity from everyone, really shows how challenging it is to come up with the perfect title! i’ll add to the list with:

    Love French Style: Vegetables, Markets, Shops around Paris with Clotilde

    have fun perusing the suggestions & sooo looking forward to adding this new unnamed book to my shelves alongside your first cookery book…


  • Justine

    Mange tout?

  • Anne Marie

    There are so many suggestions this may already have been mentioned but how about “Chocolate and Zucchini and More Zucchinis” or “Vegetables from Chocolate to Zucchini.” The last doesn’t really make sense but I like the idea of chocolate as a vegetable.

  • Meg

    Vegetables in a Parisian kitchen
    An almost vegetarian in Paris

  • Clare

    Les Légumes Sur La Table Française

  • Nathalie

    Truly French-atarian: a fresh look into the heart of France and its vegetarian delights ;)

  • I’m pretty sure you are a right banker (as was i :)), but what about Left bank legumes … or something using the left bank?

  • Bernie

    My (silly) suggestion:

    French Beans, Greens, and Aubergines

    Congratulations on the new book!

  • Please note that the call for submissions is now closed, and we won’t be able to consider comments posted after this one. Thanks so much for your participation!

  • I suspect the cookbook has been named already, but the first word that popped into my head reading this was Tout les Vegatabilities. Good luck with your cookbook. :)

  • Helena Spurr

    Spring and vegetables always go together like ” pasta primavera”, a very fresh pasta with lots of vegetables so why not call the book “PRINTEMPS DANS MA CUISINE”.

    Good luck and I hope I win so I can get your book.

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