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Kumquat from Corsica

[Kumquat from Corsica] I wrote a little ode to the Corsican clementine last winter, but it turns out one shouldn’t […]

  • 22
  • March 30, 2007
Corsican Clementine

Hold the fruit lightly in your left hand. With the edge of your right thumb nail, cut a slit through […]

  • 22
  • December 9, 2005
Oyster Mushroom Salad with Apple and Bergamot

[Oyster Mushroom Salad with Apple and Bergamot] Pleurotes, also known as oyster mushrooms or tree oysters, are these large greyish […]

  • 14
  • March 10, 2005
Bergamot Oranges

[Bergamot Oranges] I bought these two from a basket at the Batignolles market the other day, intrigued as I was […]

  • 29
  • January 27, 2005
Kumquat and Pinenut Lamb Stew, Little Polenta Cake

[Kumquat and Pinenut Lamb Stew, Little Polenta Cake] Last week, I had my parents and my sister over for dinner. […]

  • 16
  • December 6, 2004

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