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The French Market Cookbook

The love story between French cuisine and vegetables

In The French Market Cookbook I share the best French vegetarian recipes through 90 seasonal recipes (many of them vegan) and 75 color photographs. Some are personal creations, others are drawn from my research into lesser-known regional cuisines. All are simple and flavoursome, so you can make the most of the time you spend in the kitchen.

Why I love this

I am very proud of how beautifully this book turned out, and sincerely touched that it’s been so well received. Since its release, I receive messages every week from readers who want to tell me about this or that dish they loved and share pictures they’ve taken, and that couldn’t make me happier.

My goal, in this book as on the blog, is to teach and inspire, so each of the recipes is meant to leave you not just with a wonderful dish to share with your friends, but also with a trick, a technique, a building block that you can adopt and use elsewhere in your cooking.

What you need to know about The French Market Cookbook

It is admittedly a challenge to dine out as a vegetarian in France, where meat and fish are treated as the main character of any special-occasion dish, yet the French culinary repertoire is rife with delicious ideas on how to cook vegetables.

Over the past few years, I have transitioned to a more and more plant-based way of eating — for reasons of ethics, environmental concern, and natural inclination — so I’ve had plenty of opportunities to explore unusual and exciting ways to use up my weekly selection of seasonal vegetables.

The French Market Cookbook is available in the US, in France, and in the UK.

Special diets note: I have drawn up a detailed index of all the recipes in the book with the ingredients they contain that some eaters choose/have to avoid (such as gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, etc.). I make it available to anyone who requests it: get in touch through my contact form and I’ll email the list to you.

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