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Kuvings Cold Press Juicer

Fresh cold-press juices made easy!

After years of thinking about acquiring a juicer, I finally decided to invest in one and, after careful comparative research, decided to get the Whole Slow Juicer by Korean manufacturer Kuvings.

Why I Love This

I’ve long loved cold-press juices, but didn’t love the price of commercially sold ones, and was tempted by the freshness and convenience of juicing at home. With the Kuvings juicer, we’ve gotten into the habit of drinking a nice glass of fresh, cold-press juice every morning, which is both delicious and gives us a head start on our nutrient intake for the day. I also like the idea of my toddler starting his on a small tumbler of fresh juice (which he helps to make).

Although cleanup isn’t the most seductive part of juicing, I have found this one to be very easy to handle. I have timed myself (yes, I have!) and now that I’m used to the task it takes me a little under five minutes to disassemble, clean, and set the different components out to drip-dry. Pretty reasonable in my book.

Finally, because the juicer is a vertical model, it takes up minimal space in our small kitchen — less than the average food processor would — which means we can justify keeping it there and available for quick, daily access.

What you need to know about the Kuvings juicer

It is a vertical low-speed masticating juicer:

  • Vertical: it takes up little space on your counter since the entire appliance stands vertical rather than horizontal.
  • Low-speed: at just 50-60 RPM, it doesn’t heat up the fruits and vegetables, thereby preserving vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. The low speed also makes the motor pretty quiet.
  • Masticating: the fruits and vegetables are crushed by a powerful screw (it’s actually fun to watch!) that efficiently separates the liquids from the solids, so you extract a lot more juice than you would from other types of juicers.

Some of the juicer’s most distinguishing features include:

  • An extra-wide feeding tube, so you don’t have to spend hours cutting up your fruits and vegetables beforehand.
  • A handy little cap on the pouring spout that makes it easy to juice a mix of fruits and vegetables, and ensures drip-free serving.
  • The different components are easy to assemble and disassemble, and the cleanup is pretty fast (see more about that below). The juicer also comes with a couple of accessories to help with the cleaning.
  • All components are BPA-free, and can be ordered separately if you were to break or misplace any of them.
  • The juicer is manufactured in Korea.

You can also opt to purchase the juicer with the smoothie and sorbet attachments: the former lets the pulp through so you can make smoothies (and purées for babies), while the second is designed to process frozen fruit so you can make instant banana berry sorbets and the like.

The juicer is also available from Amazon France.

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  • Floriane

    You seem so enthusiastic about your new purchase ! :-) I assume you vary your juices according to the seasons ?

    • That’s the plan! We bought it just a few weeks ago so it’s been winter produce so far, but the choices are surprisingly varied — apples, pears, carrots, beets, winter radishes, winter greens, leafy herbs, ginger, turmeric…

      • Floriane

        Sounds great! My biggest flare is that I never think to make juices with vegetables. I must definitely try! Do you follow a particular calendar for the fruits and vegetables’ season? I generally refer to the ones I found on the Internet…

        • I get most of my produce from a single grower who’s close to Saumur and only grows things according to the seasons, so I’ve learned a lot over the years from what he brings and when.

          Other than that, I find I follow the seasons pretty naturally if I shop at the organic store (my Bio C’ Bon has a good selection) and stick to French-grown produce.

          And when in doubt, I look things up on the Internet as you do!

  • urbanfoodlover

    Hey clotilde, I have been researching slow juicers for a while and was wondering if you considered the Hurom series of slow juicers before purchasing this one? I am confused between the Hurom and Kuvings slow juicer….So any suggestions/views will be greatly helpful since I do intend to purchase something within the next month.

    • The Hurom is not one I considered, unfortunately, so I can’t advise — it seems pricier though, no?

      • urbanfoodlover

        I have been meaning to write back for a while but some how kept forgetting. Yes the Hurom is pricier and we did end up buying the Kuvings slow juicer. There was a good deal in one of the electronic stores here in Singapore with some cool Kitchen freebies being handed out. So we didn’t think further and purchased it :) Been over a month now and we are enjoying lots of veggie juices at home. The cleaning bit is easy as you mention though I feel the cup shute does get clogged a bit for stronger greens like wheat grass. But I have been able to clean it up with the cleaning brushes…

        • That’s great to hear, thanks for reporting back with your experience!

  • Halina Zajac

    I use Kuvings C9500 for a few months. Before it was B6000 which I used for 3 years. First of all Kuvings has very strong motor (240W) and wide mouth so you don’t need to cut everything on small pieces. It’s very fast in juicing. Juice quality is premium (only top twin gear juicers like Angel 8500s or Norwalk press can do better juice but price is much more higher and juicing takes much more time – I had Norwalk for 2 years and I own Angel 8500s mainly for greens leaves because it’s the best for that). If you need very good quality juicer, easy to use, fast cleaning, Kuvings C9500 (in some countries C7000) is very good choice.

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