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De Buyer Skillet and Crêpe Pan

Extra durable, eco-friendly, and made in France

Why I Love This

I first bought the 10.2-inch (26-cm) skillet a while ago when I was in the market for a quality pan to cook my eggs that would not be nonstick. I have been so happy with its performance and ease of use that I more recently acquired the 11.8-inch (30-cm) crêpe pan, to great results when making sweet crêpes or buckwheat galettes.

The Mineral B pans have a most pleasant heft to them yet they heat up quickly, the material is thick for perfect heat conduction and a lovely sear, and the surface is naturally nonstick, a quality that improves with use as the pans get more and more seasoned.

These pans are also remarkably easy to clean: you simply run them under hot water (no soap) and wipe or scrub off any stray piece of food. The only precautions are to not leave foods (especially acidic ones) in the pan after cooking, and to dry the pan carefully after cleaning so it doesn’t rust. (But if it does, no worries, you can just scrub off the budding rust and you’re good to go.)

What you should know about De Buyer

De Buyer is a French company founded in 1830 that makes professional-grade cooking utensils, and is a favorite of both chefs and enlightened home cooks. It is one of the (too few) remaining brands whose goods are still manufactured in France: the De Buyer factory is located in the Vosges, not far from where my parents have a mountain house.

Their products are rooted in tradition yet innovative, and these pans are an excellent illustration: the Minéral B Element range is a modern take on a series of pans that were part of the original production in 1830. Manufactured in small batches, they are made of pure iron, with no added chemical or coating (no PTFE or PFOA), and are finished with a layer of organic beeswax that prevents oxidation and helps the seasoning process.

Artisan/Brand: De Buyer
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