Best of 2006

Happy New Year! As we slowly ease into 2007, recover from the holiday season and draw up virtuous resolutions we’ll promptly forget so we can unearth them in December and have a good laugh, let us take a moment to bid a fond farewell to 2006 (where do years go when they’re over?) and reflect upon the good things it has brought. Here’s my Best of list:

Most Inspiring Cookbook: Rose Bakery’s Breakfast, Lunch, Tea. Contenders: Mes Recettes pour votre ménage and The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating.

Favorite Fancy Meal in Paris: Lunch in the gardens of Le Bristol. Contender: Dinner at Le Sensing.

Favorite Fancy Meal Elsewhere: Dinner at Cordeillan-Bages, where Thierry Marx officiates. Contender: How could I not mention El Bulli in Roses, Spain?

Favorite Simple Meal in Paris: a côte de boeuf pour deux with garlic potatoes at Corneil.

Favorite Simple Meal Elsewhere: The Crack’d Conch in Key Largo, Florida.

Favorite Soup Recipe: Beet Soup with Anchovy-Walnut Paste

Favorite Main Course Recipe: Le Poulet de Muriel served with Chicken Family Green Beans.

Favorite Addition to my Baking Repertoire: Gâteau Sirop.

Favorite Cooking Class: Tomoko’s sushi class. Contender: Pascal Barbot’s carrotcentric class.

Favorite New Technique: Absorption Pasta.

Favorite New Tool: my chick yellow Coquelle. Contender: my firetruck red stand mixer.

Favorite Fear Conquered: Fear of yeast.

Favorite New Ingredient: Violet Extract. Contender: Olivier Roellinger‘s spice mixes, and most particularly his Poudre Equinoxiale.

If you are so inclined as to share your own Best of 2006 list — feel free to make up your own categories of course — the comment section is wide open!

  • Krissy

    Favorite cookbook: The Bon Appetit Cookbook

    Favorite C&Z recipe: Cacao & Zucchini Absorption Pasta

    Favorite tool: My smoky red le creuset pot

    Favorite new cheese: Morbier

    Favorite store: Tony Caputo’s Market in Salt Lake City (can’t believe I didn’t discover it sooner)

    Favorite meal in SLC: The bleu cheese house cut potato chips and miso glazed atlantic salmon with a crispy black bean cake at Bambara

  • Melanie

    Bonne annee a CZ et a vous Clotilde. J’espere que vous viendrez presenter votre ouvrage a New York en 2007!
    PS: je reviens d’argentine (fabuleux)… auriez-vous quelques recommandations bonnes recettes a base de “dulce de leche”?

  • Favorite cookbook: The Gourmet Cookbook; contender, Tartine

    Fear conquered: candy making

    Favorite candy to make: English Toffee

    Another fear conquered: Choux pastry

    Favorite store: our new Trader Joe’s (their chocolate chips are the best!) contender: A Southern Season

  • Favorite New Gadgets: Kitchenaid Mixer, Kitchenaid Food Processor

    Favorite Class: Intro to knife skillz where I cut my thumb *doh*

    Favorite Cooking Phrase: Zesting

    Favorite Cookbook: Bobby Flay Cooks American (haven’t found a bad recipe in it yet!)

    Favorite thing about food blogging: Meeting fun, interesting people both online and (even better) in person!

  • Great list! I especially agree with “Nose To Tail Eating!”

    Come check out my list on my blog:

    Happy New Year C&Z!


  • Favourite restaurant in Paris : Giufeli, 14th arrondissment

    By the way, congratulations for your interview in Olive magazine!

  • Hi Clotilde….I’m a first time poster and wanted to say hello and to tell you how much I love your site :)

    My list (so far):

    Fav Cookbook: Chez Panisse Desserts
    Fav Kitchen Toy: Kitchen Aid Stand mixer
    Fear conquered: Pie dough
    Fav C&Z recipe: Fregola pasta w/zucchini (yogurt cake is a close second!)
    Fav French meal (in SF): Chapeau!

  • This is fun. I totally had to steal this idea for my blog too :)

    Favorite souvenir brought home from Paris
    Mauviel copper pot and saucepan

    Favorite crazily expensive meal experience
    Charlie Trotter”s, Chicago

    Favorite use of endive
    Tatin of Endive and Goat Cheese at L”Epi Dupin, Paris

    Worst home cooked meal
    Our attempt at L”epi Dupin”s Tatin of Endive and Goat Cheese

    Favorite newly learned culinary term
    Saint Jacques (I always just called them scallops)

    Favorite (ok,only) cooking class
    Divina Cucina in Florence

    (Best bonus:
    My story on the cooking class is being published next month!)

    Favorite cheese experience
    Obika Mozzarella bar in Rome

    Best risotto
    with fresh white Alba truffles at Les saveurs de Flora in Paris

    Most overdue home cooking purchase
    A *gas* range – we”ve been cooking on electric 16 months, far too long!

    The only food experience worth getting up at 4:30 a.m. for
    Tour of Rungis Market in Paris.

  • Joan

    favourite looking forward to cookbook…Clotilde’s :-))))

  • A very happy new year to you, dear Clotilde! :-)

  • aren’t lists fun??
    I posted my 06 highlights recently too.
    wishing you all the best for 07

  • Rachel

    Favourite cookbook: Patricia Wells’s Paris Cookbook (as much for the nostalgia trips as the recipes)
    Favourite restaurant meal in Paris (French): L’Avant Gout, 13th arr. (La Famille is a close second)
    Favourite restaurant meal in Paris (not French): Chez Dom, 10th arr.
    Favourite C&Z recipes: Fregola with zucchini and cake au chocolat, gingembre et abricots
    Favourite food book I didn’t read because it was wrapped up to give my boyfriend for Christmas (oooh, the torture): Julian Barnes, The Pedant in the Kitchen
    Cookbook most looking forward to in 2007: Clotilde’s, of course! ;)

  • Happy New Year!

    Favourite Cookbook: “The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking” — finally Indian food I can make…

    Favourite new ingredients: Sage and Thyme — I can’t believe I never used them before.

    Proudest cooking moment: baking bread :-)

  • Meilleurs voeux! tantissimi auguri!


  • Bonne année 2007, Clothilde.

    J’aime ce retour sur l’année écoulée. Je m’y prêterai aussi.

  • dragonfly

    Happy New Year!

    Favorite Cookbook: Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Bread

    Cooking fear conquered: Baking bread! I was even brave enough to bake crackers to go with home made cheesespreads for Christmas presents.

    Favorite new tool: Also a new red Le Creuset pot

    Favorite new ingredient: fresh fennel bulb

    Favorite new place to shop: 17th St Market here in Tucson selection of fish and organic produce.

  • Jen

    * Favourite cookbook: “Made in Italy” by Giorgio Locatelli
    * Favourite C&Z recipe: Muriel’s chicken and your basic muffin recipe which I have used numerous times
    * Favourite addition to my kitchen equipment: Le Creuset omlette pan
    * Favourite ingredient: Mostarda (from mustard fruits)

    Happy New Year

  • Now I’m dying to try the absorption pasta. Sounds as good as risotto and easier to make. Oh, I know risotto isn’t hard, but it’s tedious.

    Regarding tools, I’ve just been raving about the DIREKT Whisk, a little $2 whisk from IKEA. Its flat, heat-resistant plastic head lets you mix up sauces in shallow sauté pans while they cook, without worrying about scratching non-stick surfaces.

  • Bonne Annee, Clotilde!
    Since you mentioned your meal at El Bulli, I think you’ll enjoy this article from the Washington Post.

    I’m still putting together my list but so far:

    Favorite New Tool(s): couldn’t decide on one-
    Rice Cooker (no more burnt rice as I get distracted and doing something else!)
    Ergonomic Silicone Spoon- I got mine @ Linens ‘N Things in the US but this is it.
    Favorite New “Local” Restaurant: Chloe Bistro

    Favorite New Cookbooks: A Return To Cooking, Eric Ripert &
    Vegetarian Planet, Didi Emmons

    Favorite “New” C & Z recipe(s): Gâteau au Yaourt & Fondant Chocolat Noix de Coco

    Favorite Store: Penzey’s Spices …

  • Meg

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for a year of good reading, Clotilde.

  • Thank you so much for the more precise advice on getting reservations at El Bulli – dear California friends who go to Sitges each year with me, but they’ve been making various mistakes. Maybe next year we’ll get in…

  • Penny

    I loved your list.

    My favourite current cookbook is “the instant cook” by Donna Hay. delicious, different,good looking & quick recipes.

    Favourite current eating place (part restaurant & part deli) “The Wild Olive”, in Greenside, Johannesburg (S.Africa)

    Current cooking preoccupation. baking bread – thanks to you – I’ve just spent my three weeks summer beach holiday producing daily loaves, precipitated by your recipe for “Holy Bread” and progressing from there …….. it’s addictive. (Fortunately the kitchen in the beach shack is fairly well equipped…)

    Can’t wait to try the beet soup …. I serve baby beets as a salad – quartered, roasted and tossed in a dressing with blue cheese chunks and walnuts.

    Happy new year, may we have the time to cook and only good food!

  • I just made the absorbtion pasta for dinner after seeing this yesterday. It was delicious (I made it with broccoli and sausage), though I need to work on the technique a little bit. I put the broccoli in a little early and added a bit too much broth. Very good though; my husband and I both ate seconds and it was nice not to wait for water to boil, etc. I feel like for any pasta served with something besides a straight tomato-based sauce, this is a great technique.

  • Favorite fear conquered – fear of making dark chocolate truffles
    Favorite cookbook 2006 – Tartine
    Favorite cookbook 2007 – Clotilde’s of course
    Favorite C&Z recipe – Tarte aux Quetsches et Crème de Noix
    Favorite fancy meal Paris – La Robe et le Palais, 13 rue des Lavandières Sainte-Opportune
    Favorite simple meal in Paris – L’as du felafel eaten walking on rue des Rosiers
    Favorite new ingredient – orange flower water
    Thank you Clotilde for an culinary inspiring 2006!

  • noaille

    Hello Clothilde,

    Tout d’abord je veux vous dire combien j’adore votre blog et je l’envoie à tous mes amis. En lisant hier soir Travelling Gourmande sur NYC, j’ai pensé que vous seriez intéressée par la sortie d’un livre écrit par une française vivant à NYC depuis dix ans. Très original et vécu “live” sa vision est passionnante. Son livre est déjà paru en français et paraitra ds deux mois en anglais sur Je ne sais pas comment mais ce serait sympa si vous pouviez dire quelques phrases sur son livre à condition bien entendu de l’apprécier. Je peux vous en envoyer un si vous le désirez.
    J’ai coutume de cuisiner végétarien avec une amie qui cuisine Thaïe, Indien, Tunisien et aussi tout simplement végétarien classique. j’apprécie vraiment vos trouvailles, vos photos imprévisibles et votre humour.

  • What a wonderful list. I am far too lazy to come up with a list for 2006, but I do have some ideas brewing for 2007. Fave art experience? Seeing Ferran Adria take part in Documenta! Fave tool that I really can’t afford but want to buy in 2007? A Thermomix of course. Fave cookbook? Well, yours… duh. And Fave meal? I’ve already begun planning my father’s 70th birthday dinner in November. Hopefully, that will be awesome. Have a great 2007!

  • Noaille

    Hi Clotilde,

    Again here I am. Please apologize if my english is funky bad. I wondered how you could give a hit to Virginie. And i found the link.
    Twice Action against Hunger has chosen her sculpture to offer to Nelson Mandela in oct 2004 in NYC and then Desmond Tutu in oct 2005. A lovely spoon could see it on her web site if you click on Awards.

    You could ask me why I am so pushy concerning Virginie. She had received my daughter in NYC with such kindness and I admire her courage, creativity and openness to life.
    So if I could rewind and give to her a bit of help i will do.

    Many thanks for your understanding. And please feel free to say no…
    I am very “groupie” of people creating their one way and you belong too to these people.
    it’s time to wish you a wonderful 007 year !!!

    Dou Noaille

  • Thanks for all the tips!
    Do visit my blog (click ‘food & thought’ on top of the page when you get there) and find, amongst other stuff, a bookshelf link with my favorite vegan and vegetarian food writers!
    Happy New Year!

  • It’s already 6 janvier…only 359 more days in 2007 to make resolutions, live them and write stories about them. Better get to it!

    Meilleurs voeux!

  • Happy New Year everyone! Here’s my go at the list…
    Mes Tartes: The Sweet and Savory Tarts of Christine Ferber. Her tarts are beautiful & there are great original ideas in it
    Dolfin Chocolate bars with tobacco wallet-like pouch. Perfect for carrying it around in your handbag
    Tin opener from Manufactum. Expensive at £20, but it’s worth it for its smoothest operation

  • Céline75

    Recettes C&Z 2006 favorites (parmi celles testées) : soupe de chou fleur aux noisettes et au curcuma ; cuisson des pâtes par absorption.
    Recette C&Z testée, approuvée, refaite, re-refaite etc. toujours avec le même bonheur : tarte au fromage frais, aux écorces d’orange confites et au miel (miam !).
    Livre préféré : Mes Desserts préférés (Pierre Hermé).
    Resto : Aux Lyonnais, la quenelle est à tomber !
    Livre le plus attendu pour 2007 : C&Z !

  • Hi Clotilde!

    I’ve enjoyed your blog and your yummy take on food! I just read the article on you and your new cookbook in Food and Wine (Jan 2007). Very snazzy!

    Favorite Main Course Recipe: Chicken Adobo with pozole and mushrooms

    Favorite Simple Meal: Tome Yum soup and white rice.

    Favorite Fancy Meal in Vegas: Dinner at Bouchon at The Venetian

    Favorite Fancy Meal in San Francisco: Birthday party at the Julius Castle.

  • sam

    bon annee clotilde!

    bisous, sam x

  • Bonne Année Clotilde! Bon Courage with your cookbook and new endeavers for 2007! You are an inspiration to us all!

  • amy

    Clotilde, I made the Poulet de Muriel last night and it was wonderful! (and easy.) Thanks so much for this great addition to my recipe collection.

  • What a nice idea. I’m afraid I’m just another copy cat and made a ‘Best of’ list my own. (My husband and I have been enjoying dried pears since you posted about them.)

    Bonne Année!

  • aer

    Bonne année Clotilde. Glad to hear that you also enjoyed Cordeillan Bages. It was one of my husband’s and my favourite meals to date.

  • Just made your beet soup recipe. Yum. I have a question, though. Is it wrong to skip the soup and just eat the walnut/anchovy paste with a spoon?

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