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Earlywood Handcrafted Utensils

Gorgeous wooden utensils to brighten your daily cooking

Earlywood is a small Montana-based company created and run by Brad Bernhart, a mechanical engineer who started out carving wooden utensils in his spare time, until people’s enthusiasm for his unique designs prompted him to launch his own business.

Why I Love This

I own almost every one of the tools Brad has created, I use them daily, and every time I do I get a private thrill: the heft in my palm, the simple elegance of the shapes, the fine grain of the wood, all conspire to make them feel like extraordinary objects.

His slim spatulas have replaced my wooden spoons to stir pots and pans, and I love to use his mini cutting boards for small cutting jobs and to present appetizers. His sturdy scrapers are remarkably efficient to flip roasting vegetables, to lift and serve fried eggs, and to cook crêpes — in fact, I take one with me when I travel. His adorable coffee scoop has taken up permanent residence in my granola jar, his ladles make my soups and stews feel so much more sophisticated, and I wouldn’t think of using anything other than his spreaders to scoop up nut butters and homemade spreads.

What you should know about Earlywood utensils

Spoons, ladles, scoops, spreaders, spatulas, scrapers… Brad offers a range of gorgeous tools that are a joy to use in everyday cooking. It’s not so often that beauty meets function in the kitchen, but this is one such occurrence, and Brad’s creations are also remarkably affordable.

I am also impressed with Brad’s approach: in how much detail he describes the different wood types he uses, how he’s gotten involved with a reforestation effort to help compensate for the resources he uses, and how forthcoming he is when you inquire about the details of his craft.

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