Free Backgrounds for Food Enthusiasts!

You know how much the image you use as a background says about you? And how nice it is to change it up sometimes to reflect your current mood and likes?

Well, today I am delighted to offer a free bundle of backgrounds that you can apply to your desktop computer, laptop, or smart phone.

Strawberry background on a mobile phone

There are twelve different images in the bundle, so you can use a different one every month if you’d like, or just pick a favorite and run with it.

These background images are free to download. Just open the zip file, view the images, choose the one you want to try on first, and apply it to your device. Easy peasy.

Do you know another food enthusiast who would enjoy prettifying their screen with these food photos? Please share this post! You’ll make their day, and mine.

Madeleine background on a laptop

PS: I will no longer be offering monthly desktop calendars; I offer my apologies to those of you who had come to rely on them.

  • ashley

    Ahhhhh you cancelled the calendars mid-way through the year?????

    • I’m calling it end of Q2 :) but yes. I have a lot on my plate and had to streamline my offerings. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed them!

      • ashley

        Ha! There’s the way to put it. :) I have very much enjoyed them & will have to make use of this wallpaper pack you’ve put out. Thank you!

      • Liz Hardwick

        Thanks for these Clotilde! What did you use to get the calendars on the images? :)

        • A graphic designer designed and put the calendar grids together — US format and French format. Then I would use Photoshop to crop and generate three formats of backgrounds for different screen resolutions, apply the grids in English, and apply the grids in French.

          • Liz Hardwick

            Thank you. Your photos are gorgeous!!

          • I appreciate that, thank you!

  • Fiona

    It’s a pity that your beautiful monthly backgrounds are gone but good luck with your other projects!

  • Lovely backdrops, merci.

  • Liz_Macau

    Really sorry you’ve stopped the calendars. they were so useful. But the other images are nice so will be using them


  • Jordan Bacon

    Thank you for these beautiful images. And thank you for the beautiful calendars in the past!

  • Sad to hear about the calendars but DELIGHTED to hear you’re working on a new book! <3

  • nan

    Where is the link for the box grater you mentioned in the ratatouille recipe? I would like to buy one!
    Merci beaucoup!

  • Mia Sorcinelli

    Hooray–just found these and I was lamenting the loss of the calendars. But can’t wait for the next cookbook, and thank you for the pictures.

  • Ingrid Emery

    Hi Clotilde,

    I tried to download the images but there seems to be a problem with the dropbox link. Are the images still available?


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